Friday, February 4, 2011

First Post.

I. Junction A

In accordance with all foreseeable posts, I hereby decree that this blog exist to promote the authenticity of viable auditory supplements and other stuffs. But mostly the auditory supplements.

The blog is self sufficient and promotes self awareness. Mainly that all of you should be aware of me and my absurdly astute opinions.

II. Junction B

As such has been already stated, I am of sound mind and thus readily recognize good sounds. If you are not in accordance with the ideas of good sound, then you have no place within this blog or any other station of life really. Although if you are in accordance with this juncture and the aforementioned ideas, you win a pop tart. (I reserve the right to eat said pop tart.)

III. Junction C

This is mad writing, yo. Be back later with more posts and good stuffs.

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